A New Year Prayer

Image courtesy of coolza on sxc.hu

God our Creator,

To you a year is a brief moment in eternity,
yet you concern yourself with the details of our lives.

At the start of a new year,
let us wonder again at the mystery of your life on earth,
when you confined yourself to a body like ours,
with human limits and weaknesses.

May we resolve to follow your example in Jesus in everything we do.

Forgive us when we fail,
and give us the strength to try again,
knowing that you see all that we do,
and walk with us at all times,
whether we notice you or not.

May our goals be set with your priorities in mind,
so that we can live life in all its complexity in this world,
without losing sight of the world to come.


Image courtesy of morcomm on sxc.hu
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